Welcome Greetings From Siberia

It’s been almost 6 months I live in Tyumen City. The first day when I came here, it was October, the temperature was 0oC, and I was like: “What the heck! Zero degree! Am I living inside the refrigator???". I really wanted to find a genie and ask him to transform me into a bear so I could hibernate and sleep during the terrible winter. But then, I realized something, 0oC is not that cold, in January and February the temperature was about -30oC until -45oC. Yeah, minus, I ain’t kidding. It’s just like a greeting from Russia, “Welcome to Siberia!”.

Spring finally came in March. In the end of February, we did a Russian folk tradition, we was burn a beautiful doll called “Maslenitsa”. We sang, we danced, we prayed, and we ate traditional foods. Russian do this tradition as the farewell for Winter and the welcome greeting for Spring. Yeah, finally, Spring!

After that time, I really hope that our “ritual” will work, and the snow will stop haunting us. But no, our relationship with snow has not finished yet. In the end of March and early April, they came again. They even came with the larger number of armies! The streets and trees became snowy again. I hate this, because in the next days, it would be muddy, muddy, and muddy everywhere! My friend once said to me that in Russia, winter will be 9 months, and the 3 months will be summer. I believe it now.

For me, who was born and raised in the country which crossed by the equator line, the weather here is quite turtorous. Several places in my country may have a very cold weather, but it just in the mountainous areas, and of course it will never touch minus degrees. In the city the weather will be like 28oC until 36oC. And again, my friend told me that in the summer, the temperature will reach 40oC. Thanks!

Of course not everything in winter is bad. I like some winter things, such as ice skating, skiis (even though I am not good enough for this), live without mosquito (yeah its freaking great!), and sometimes I like to look how the snow fall from the sky. Maybe I felt really cold just because it’s my first winter.

And the thing I really hate from winter is….. I NEED TO WEAR A LOT AND MULTILAYERS CLOTHES TO FEEL WARM. I guess that I will gain weight about 5 kg everytime i wear my winter suit. Don’t believe it? Just try to watch this video:

But overall I really enjoyed it all. I like this city. A quiet and peaceful city called Tyumen.

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